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Well Pump Repair In NC

Do you have low water pressure? Is your water spurting or surging? Or do you have no water at all? These are all signs that your well pump may be bad and in need of replacing.

From water pressure problems to loss of water,  Action Well & Pump are the experts to take care of all your water well pump needs.  We provide well pump replacement, or repair your pump if possible, and have your water working again in no time.

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Well Casing/Well Liner Repairs

Is your water muddy, red or dirty looking?

Does your water get dirty when it rains and then clears up a few days later? If your water is muddy, red or dirty looking the only way to properly fix this problem is at the well. Putting a new Liner in your well will give you bottle quality water. This process is known as re-sleeving your well.

Does your water get dirty when it rains and then clears up a few days later? You actually have a crack in your well casing and surface water is getting into your well which could be dangerous to your health. You could be drinking pesticides, fecal matter and  other harmful contaminates.

Our well technicians will run a camera down in your well to see exactly where the crack is and a liner will then be installed.  Installing a new well liner only takes a few hours and your water will be crystal clear when the job is finished.

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Water Well System Leak Repair - We Repair Wells!

Do you have water gushing at the top of your well, or have you noticed you have water leaking from a pipe in the ground? Is one of your fittings leaking at the pressure tank or is the pressure tank itself leaking?

Action Well and Pump can handle any water leaks you may have from the Holding Tank to the Well.

Leaks can occur when the tank, fittings or piping becomes older or freezes from cold weather.  Don't allow leaks to continue, you are losing water and you are also causing your well and pump to run over time which can be harmful to your well system.